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For a Resilient Future

you are continuing a legacy of thriving lands

Greenbelt Land Trust started with a vision.
It was a vision of connected green spaces, parks, natural areas, and trails.
A vision of a community strengthened by the healing power of nature.

Today Greenbelt protects 4000 acres across the heart of the valley.
We believe that conserving land and water strengthens our community for today and for the future.

The heart of the valley is in the forests and rivers and wetlands.

It’s in the abundant fish and wildlife.

It’s in the places we can go for peace and exercise and joy.

What if we could double the acres we preserve in the heart of the valley?
What if we could connect more trails in our community?
What if we could keep going?


In 2021 Greenbelt Land Trust launched a major fundraising initiative to raise $7 millionBased on careful business planning, this goal enables the Land Trust to protect and steward Oak Creek Preserve, realized a vision of connected trails, and to keep going and leave a legacy of resilient lands and waters for all. In September, 2023, Greenbelt celebrated the completion of this momentous Campaign – thanks to the generosity and commitment of so many in our community of supporters, volunteers, and donors.

Read the Heart of the Valley Campaign Case Statement.



With the purchase of this 144 acre property, we had a rare chance to acquire a final missing puzzle piece in the long-envisioned corridor of trails and habitats. We needed your help to fund the acquisition and long term stewardship of this iconic site, which we were able to do in May, 2023!


Greenbelt is ready. In the next decade we will double our acres protected. We will resolve remaining gaps in our trail systems, creating vast trail networks in our community. And we will restore habitats that provide refuge for wildlife and endangered plants.


Imagine walking from Adair to Wren on a single trail. Imagine connecting Bald Hill to MLK Park and to Mac Forest. Help us develop the trail infrastructure needed to realize this vision of an expansive trail network, connecting over 100 miles of trails.


$7M Raised out of $7M Goal

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Where our needs are

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Every dollar that is raised will be leveraged to bring in 10+ dollars in grants for land acquisition and habitat restoration, allowing Greenbelt Land Trust to acquire and steward lands at an accelerated pace, now... before it is too late.

“The land and trails have given so much to me and my family. Isn't is time we all gave back? I trust Greenbelt to make our world a better place. It is truly now or never.”

Russa Kittredge, greenbelt board member


We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to permanently protect Oak Creek Preserve for our community and finalize a vision of connected trails and habitat that launched Greenbelt Land Trust over three decades ago.

Imagine walking from Adair to Wren on a single trail. Imagine connecting Bald Hill to MLK Park and Mac Forest.
This opportunity is at our fingertips.

Greenbelt was able to acquire Oak Creek Preserve in May, 2023! Donations to the Heart of the Valley Campaign enabled us to acquire and steward this property, including developing universally accessible trails in the future.

Thank you for making this vision a reality!

A Thriving Ecosystem

“This is it. The planets have aligned, and we are ready to jump on this unprecedented opportunity for Oak Creek Preserve and for the legacy of trails in our backyard.”

jessica mcdonald, greenbelt executive director



Greenbelt Land Trust is taking on the most ambitious work in its history.

Connecting thousands of acres of habitat and hundreds of miles of trail, increasing the pace and scale of our conservation programs to ensure a livable future, and restoring ecosystems for the benefit of endangered fish and wildlife. This is a daunting endeavor. We can do it.

We have momentum. We have the respect of partners. We have the confidence of our community..

Now, we need you. Success relies on generous donors – people willing to personally invest in this legacy. Your contributions now will resonate for generations to come.

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Join those who have already invested in this unprecedented opportunity. That may be the greatest conservation moment in your lifetime. Your gift of cash or stock is key to success.

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Many who wish to make a meaningful contribution to the  Campaign choose to spread the amount over several years. Your pledge of up to five years’ support will be invaluable.

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Naming Greenbelt Land Trust in your estate plans ensures that we can continue to protect and steward the lands of the Willamette Valley for generations to come.

Support the Heart of the Valley Campaign

Make a Donation or Pledge Online:
Jessica McDonald, Executive Director: or (541) 752-9609

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